Why choose a LeisureCat?

Apart from being designed and built to specifically suit the type of water we experience off our coast and in the Southern Ocean of WA, the LeisureCat boasts some intrinsic features that make it a vessel of choice for those who know Power Cats.

The LeisureCat turns hard safely, at speeds up to 25 knots, not a lot of Power Cats can boast that ability.

The LeisureCat planes quickly with minimum fuss and minimum horsepower for its size. The full length wave-breaker turns water down, adding to plane speed and holding it there.  It gives a soft ride and ensures minimal sneezing or compression of water from the tunnel.

The LeisureCat will not broach or pull away in a following sea. During sea trials we release the wheel to show just how well the boat will hold its line and not bury its bow in a following sea.

LeisureCat works one-on-one with its customers to achieve the result they want in their boat. Many others will only build production line boats and send you back after it’s finished to be modified…we do it as we go. It’s all part of the service.