New 9-10m Kingfisher.

The success of this newly launched model has taken us all by surprise.

Taking over from its much loved little cousin in our stable was going to be a big set of shoes to fill.

It started out as a model we needed to make to allow the Police and Sea Rescue Groups who use this boat to fit the larger and newer style of V8 diesels engines into the hulls more effectively giving great area to work on the engines once installed and the ability to carry the increased weight.

To date the Recreational Public have loved it from its launch, offering a bigger beam at 3.1m and the ability to store loads under decks if diesels are not chosen. The boat is fast and dry and allows for plenty of customer input into its saloon and accommodation.

Having been built in both 9 and 10m models, the boat has already seen inboard diesel as well as outboards in various configurations including cabins layout, concertina doors giving open style arrangements that sleep from 2 to 6 people easily.

Plenty of customers are building large trailers to tow these boats 1600+ kms up to the north of our State to take advantage of the Kimberly cruising and great fishing grounds that abound in this region. If you’re considering a boat big enough for long weekends aboard, able to take on huge seas and yet still be able to be towed with a light truck, you can’t go past our Kingfisher.