Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue Group (Inc.)

has been providing assistance to the boating public for over 30 years. The dedicated members of the group give their time willingly to assist the boating public in any way, 24 hrs a day, every day of the year. They also offers radio call signs (memberships) and training courses ranging from basic know your motor and know your radio courses to first aid, and craft proficiency courses up to a Master V level.

Ramblin Fishing

The idea behind Ramblin Fishing was created 3 years ago, with the family owned company and Master mariner, Matt Bampton, wanting to build the biggest legally towable trailered charter boat that he could. The idea was to follow the weather, follow the fish and offer flexible fishing experiences up and down the Queensland Coast.

Fishing With Us

Congratulations!  Now you have decided to take up the greatest sport on the planet you will need to get geared up to hit the water.   My name is Robert, and the main reason I created Trizily is to share my experience and knowledge to readers who have similar interests to me.

How to Catch a Fish – Steve Correia

How To Catch A Fish features Steve Correia (search "How to catch a Fish") in a new fishing series that’s all about you … that’s right, it’s a reality fishing show. Each episode he’ll take a member of the public fishing to catch their dream fish and you learn right along with them.
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