UES LeisureCat/AussieCat power catamarans operate throughout the world, not just as pleasure craft, but for what they were originally designed: Police, Rescue, Charter Fishing and Diving, and as Small Island Ferries.

Our boats are a regular sight around Western Australia’s coast but you will also find them all around Australia, in the USA, South America, Georgia, France, Indonesia, Dubai, Micronesia, Fiji, Malaysia, Brunei and others.

UES LeisureCat has also designed and produced fast monohull interceptor strike craft for the Royal Malaysian Police. Fast and stable the air boats are proving their worth in the effort to combat drug and people smuggling.

Our award winning catamaran hull design has helped us produce a range of craft that are comfortable and effective in conditions in which many other boats would not be safe to venture out to sea.

Our high-quality boats are built with safety in mind, without compromising on speed and performance.  Rescue and Patrol personnel cannot choose the conditions in which they work, but they, and you, can choose a boat that will ensure safety in the toughest weather and roughest seas.

Patrol & Rescue Craft

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